Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Pyongyang

About Pyongyang City
Pyongyang is the industrial and economic capital of North Korea. The city is blessed with a number of natural resources like iron, limestone, coal, etc. The city offers sub-tropical climate, which enhances the production of rice, wheat, and corn. The city is one of the leading producers of wheat. The city is accompanied with a number of reputed universities, like the Kim Chaek University of Technology, Pyongyang University of Music and Dance and Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, etc. The city has a number of attractions and some of them are Arch of Triumph, USS Pueblo (AGER-2), Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Mansu Hill Grand Monument, etc.


1.Booz Allen Hamilton
2.Advanced C4 Solution
3.BAE Systems
4.IHS Markit
5.Amyx Inc

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