Foundation Program in Business Analysis

Business Analysis Program: Level-1 (BAPL-1) is designed for someone who is in their final year of graduation or someone who would like to transition into business analysis career. FIBAAR’s business analysis program is an end-to-end one covering right from problem identification to the launch of the product. FIBAAR’s Business Analysis Framework is a practical and time-tested methodology which you can readily apply to projects falling under the categories of process improvement, product development, software development and organisation development.

You have multiple options to prepare for this program such as classroom, online and self-study. Successful preparation and completion of the assessment will lead to Foundation Program in Business Analysis (FPBA) certification, a first step for your journey in business analysis career. Attaining FPBA certification from FIBAAR involve two stages.


Must be either a graduate or in the final year of their graduation program

Who should attend?

Graduates or those who are in the final year of their graduation program, Graduates aspiring to become a business analyst, Entrepreneurs, Business Analysts, Consultants etc.

Learning Formats

The BAPL-1 is offered in Classroom, Online and Self-Study formats. The classroom sessions are held across major cities in India. For more details complete the below contact form and one of our customer support executives will reach out to you.

One can prepare the Business Analysis Program Level-1 curriculum either through classroom/online training or self-study.
Classroom: Typically the classroom training is available in Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune as one full-day (8 Hours) program. For more details about the program dates please contact us.
Online: The online training is available in weekends delivered through 4 Saturdays in 2 Hour sessions (8 Hours).
Self-Study: For a better understanding of business analysis fundamentals and the framework, we strongly recommend you to attend either the classroom or online programs. Those who don’t find time for these options, you can buy the preparation material (Freshers’ Handbook to Business Analysis) and prepare on your own.

On completion of thorough preparation of the curriculum, you shall appear for an assessment. A pass in the assessment will lead to a certificate in Foundation Program in Business Analysis. The details of the assessment are as below:
Assessment Duration: 60 minutes
Number of Questions: 60 Multiple Choice – 4 Options
Nature of Assessment: Open Book Online Exam
Assessment Availability: 24 x 7
Passing Score: 70%

Foundation Program in Business Analysis (FPBA)

Program Curriculum

Chapter-1: Introduction
Who will benefit from this book? - How to read this book? - My exposure to business analysis - Myths that plague business analysis - What is business analysis? - What do we do as a business analyst? - What is an organization? - The twin major focus of organizations - Forces acting on the organization: internal and external - The pace of disruption in industries - Demand for business analysts - The greater life cycle - Terminologies

Chapter-2: Components of BA Framework
Business analysis schema - Domain - What are competencies? - Core competencies - Business analysis activities - Techniques - Peripheral competencies

Chapter-3: Steps in BA Framework
Gather preliminary information - Identify problem - Analyse problem - Develop problem statement - Articulate approach - Manage uncertainty - Manage change - Identify processes - Identify stakeholders - Identify systems - Validate P-S-S - Gather detailed information - Map the current state - Visualize future state - Perform gap analysis - Carryout risk analysis - Deduce scope - Develop BRD - Validate BRD - Seek approval for BRD - Prepare RSD - Validate RSD - Seek approval for RSD - Coordinate for TSD - Map TSD vs. RSD - Propose solution - Coordinate implementation - Map product vs. RSD - Conduct RSR analysis - Enhance product

Chapter-4: Domain Spotlight
Analytics - Appliances - Automotive - Aviation - Banking - Business Intelligence - Capital Markets - Cards - Construction - CRM - eCommerce - Education - Entertainment - Fashion - Finance - Food & Beverage - Foot Wear - Government/Public Sector - Health & Wellness - Healthcare - Hospitality - HR - Infrastructure - Insurance - IT - Legal - Manufacturing - Media & Publishing - Oil & Gas - Payment Solutions - Pharmaceutical - Political - Quality - Real Estate - Renewable Energy - Retail - Safety & Security - Sales & Marketing - Ship Building - Sports - Supply Chain - Telecom - Textile - Toys & Gaming - Travel & Tourism

Chapter-5: Business Analysis Case Studies
Case Study: Write’n’Rub Private Limited
Case Study: Esakki Automobiles
Case Study: MoneyWise Bank
Case Study: Hubless Courier
Case Study: DoctorSys Diagnostic Services
Case Study: Genhut Private Limited
Annexure-I: Regulatory Bodies in India
Annexure-II: General Studies
Annexure-III: Business Laws (India)
Annexure-IV: Business Laws (International)
Annexure-V: Google Search Tips
Annexure-VI: List of Domains

Training & Assessment Packages

  • Classroom *
  • ₹9,500
  • Preparation Material
  • Assessment
  • FPBA Certificate
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  • Online **
  • ₹9,500
  • Preparation Material
  • Assessment
  • FPBA Certificate
  • Enrol Now

1. Cost of package is inclusive of GST applicable within India
2. Please click here to buy the assessment in INR 2,950 or click here to buy in USD 45 separately. This doesn’t include the preparation material.
3. * Classroom trainings are not available in all the cities. Please check the availability before enrolment.
4. ** Online trainings are available across the globe at pre-determined time slots. Please check the time suitability before enrolment.