Venkadesh Narayanan is an amazing mentor in the field of Business Analysis. His expertise and in-depth knowledge on Business Analysis and research work is marvelous. He comes with loads of experience from diversified background. His method of teaching is so clear and precise to the point and always lured me to be prompt to this classes. His is an asset in the field of Business analysis and Project Management. His online classes offer students good clarity on BA subjects and provide enough confidence to appear for the exam.

Mr. Karthik Pidatala, Business Analyst


I want to thank Fhyzics for all of support throughout the course. The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. The learning suited my lifestyle as a business analyst perfectly, and the support I received was both speedy and excellent. The tutors for the intensive learning were with real life insight, rather than academics, which I felt helped to really bring the subject matter to life and frame it a way I could relate to. Fhyzics have helped me immeasurably. I highly recommend Fhyzics as they deliver on service and content quality.

Yoknath Rajan Business Analysis® V3 ,CSM®, SFC®, Business Analyst | Scrum Master

Aara Tech Pvt Ltd

Venkadesh Narayanan is a senior consultant and professional instructor of Fhysics Inc. I took a 3 month class taught by him. He is very experienced and brought several real world scenarios to illustrate key Business and Enterprise Analysis concepts. He is well organized in his delivery of training, available of clarification of understanding of students. My efficiency as a Senior BA has increased because of my interaction with him.

Sudha Ganesh MS., Business Analysis®, PMP®, ITIL FCA, IT Business Systems Specialist

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

I would like to thank Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan from Fhyzics for playing an important role in helping me achieve my BA Certification. He is an excellent teacher who not only explains the concepts in a clear and understandable manner but also encourages the participants to ask questions and takes the time to patiently answer each and every question. The Fhyzics team also expended a lot of effort to make the candidates exam-ready. But what is truly commendable is the fact that Mr.Venkadesh’s teaching ventured beyond mere book learning and helped me understand the principles of Business analysis in a practical manner. Being a part of his BA class has equipped me with a very good knowledge in the fundamentals of Business Analysis. 

Jey Varshini Vijaya Pandian, BPM and Projects team

Allianz Partners

There was a need of direction & training for my business analysis career aspiration. I consider myself lucky to enroll in 2 day session with Venkadesh Sir. His knowledge of the subject is one of the best in the industry and so are his training skills. He ensures that complex concepts are explained with simple examples so that the audience not only understand the concepts but remember them for longer periods of time. I would highly recommend Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan's class room/online sessions for those looking to establish their careers in Business Analysis and crack the Business Analysis examination.

Harsh Gandhi, Lean Barclays shared service Business Analyst - Band 4 (Wealth & Investment Banking) 

Hi Venkadesh My experience with Fhyzics is highly appreciable.The entire course is made easy by Mr Venkadesh thru his presentations.Special mention of the 121 sessions closer to the exam date is a real eye opener.I would recomend people to attend the session with Fhyzics if you desire to certify yourself. Thank you onece again !

Kavitha Sekhar, Consultant

Maveric Systems Limited

Mr.Venkadesh Narayanan is a remarkable individual. Thanks for the opportunity to describe about this magnificent person professionally. His presentation was dynamic and informative. Never kept the trainees boring. He gave loads of practical examples related to business analysis. His dynamic energetic delivery kept me alert and informative. He nearly spoke for 10 hours a day with two days training with same energy whole day. His online presentations are outstanding, I am greatly pleased with the carefully developed materials. He is such a dedicated person with long term vision in his eyes. More than the result he concentrates mainly on process that gives him the desired result or output. Process person. The training was excellent and most positive and productive training that I have received. He absolutely cares what trainees do and share their experience and insights with them. There were diverse group of people and sharing their knowledge and talents with everyone. He has stretched my thoughts for my greater achievements. His personal, professional values and approach will set examples to many people. My best investment in Fhyzics not only in money but also in time. I have great respect for this person.

Venkata Subramanian M, Project Delivery Manager


I have attended an online course offered by Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. on 'Mastering Business Analysis' led by Sir Venkadesh. The course is very simple & designed to cover the Business Analysis Schema guide in 7-8 weekends which helped me prepare for my Business Analysis exam. Not only Sir Venkadesh but his whole team of Fhyzics is very knowledgeable and professional. The team has helped me complete the application form and arranged final one-on-one review session with Sir a week prior to the exam. I am really thankful to the whole team for all the support & help provided and would definitely recommend this course to other Business Analysis aspirants.

Tahseen Bano, Business Analysis Consultant & Technical Project Manager

Dell Technologies - Dell Commerce Services - Data Platform and Engineering

I was recommended Fhyzics Business Consultants by my colleague for Business Analysis direct classes. His sessions in Fhyzics was one of the prime reasons I was able to clear Business Analysis at the very first attempt. He clearly explained the difference in approach between Business Analysis Schema. Thanks Venkadesh and Fhyzics. Keep up your good work.

Bhooma Sampath, Senior Consultant

Intellect Design Arena Ltd

I had attended the workshop conducted by Mr. Venkadesh and I am extremely satisfied with the way the session was conducted. It was an eyeopener on many topics and aspects for all the BAs in the session. I am sure the training and knowledge shared would help me become a better Business Analysis. Last but not the least, I would recommend BAs to attend the program to enrich their skill sets.

Thomas George, Business Analysis Sr. IT Business Analyst

Allegis Group

It’s rare that you come across people like Venkatesh, who has vast experience in business analysis, across many domains. I had an opportunity to take up Business Analysis course in Fhyzics. At the drop of a hat, he can come up with many real time business scenarios. It helped me to get Business Analysis designation. As a best business consultant, Venkatesh earns my highest recommendation.

Aadhityaa Shanmugam, IT Business Analyst

Telliant Systems

Venkadesh is an excellent trainer with lot of experience. He shares real time examples to understand the content easily. He motivated and shared a lot of tips which is also helped for me to obtain Business Analysis certification in the first attempt. I highly recommed Venkadesh for his wonderful services.

Navaneetha Krishnan, Business Analysis Project Manager

Augusta Hitech Soft Solutions

I had an opportunity for attending business analysis course oriented towards Business Analysis examination. We had diverse pool of audience (SW, aviation, BFSI etc). He tailored the session with required materials to reach all the individuals. Preparing tips for the exam helped to a great intent. His clarity towards the business analysis motivated us a lot on acquiring the required knowledge. Through out my certification time the materials provided by him helped a lot. Guys I strongly recommend him to be the mentor for business analysis profession.

Vijayasharathy Dhamodaran, Business Analysis Project Manager

MaxVal Group, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to be trained by Mr.Venkadesh for CPRE-FL. He was the trainer for a 4 months long weekly training session for our company. He is one of the best trainers I have come across in terms of making learning simple and lasting. His training was not just towards passing the exams, but rather oriented towards learning and inculcating the knowledge in day-to-day professional life. There were so many hands-on activities during the training that made learning simple for even the freshers in the field. I would gladly recommend Mr.Venkadesh and the entire Fhyzics team for all your BA training needs.

Lakshmi N, Business Analyst

Attune Technologies

I did the Business Analysis course with fhyzics and the classes offered were very highly informative. Venkadesh exhibits a thorough knowledge on the Business Analysis topics during the classes and excellent command on the Business Analysis exam. The real life examples mentioned during the classes helps easy understanding of the concepts. The classes provided an insight into each of the BA knowledge areas and helped me sail through the Business Analysis exam with ease. Thank you Venkadesh.

Ananthakrishnan K, TA


A Master of simplification' is perfectly matching the statement that comes to my mind when I think about Venkadesh Narayanan. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Venkadesh, during which Fhyzics Training. Above all, I was impressed with Venkadesh’s ability to deliver the Course. And, of course, his professional experience. Venkadesh would be a true asset for Business Analysts community and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Santhosh Chandrasekhar, AM- ATM Analytics

 Financial Software & Systems (P) Ltd

Venkadesh has been so helpful and instrumental in guiding me towards the successful completion of the Certified Business Analysis Professional certification (Business Analysis). Some very useful tips prior to the exam and some very good online material from Fhyzics Business Consultant Pvt. Ltd. saw me successfully sail through the certification.

Raghu Srinivas,Business Analysis®,CSPO®, Business Analyst(Assistant Vice President)


Venkadesh expertly filled the role of Business Analysis….he is the expert in that!!! I was linked to Venkadesh through linkedin but particularly got a chance to meet him though his training Program Mastering Business Analysis” Business Analysis Fhyzics. I was particularly impressed by his teaching abilities and handling the session effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop while working among professionals from various fields, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Moreover he made the Business Analysis session meaningful for professional like us. He is a motivator and an asset mentor.

Ram Prusty, Business Analyst

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.

Hi Every One. This is Ashwin from CSC. I had my training cum workshop which I've underwent on 13th & 14th of June - 2015 batch held @ Hablis by Mr. Venkadesh, who is presented us the Business Analysis orientation program in a very granular level by getting into the depth of the Business Analysis across all the Business Analysis Schema. It's really more effective & I strongly & personally recommend for any starters who wish to get into BA Profession or even who ever experienced in BA - can sharpen their skill sets & get the best out of knowledge sharing from Venkadesh through his eminent transition on Business Analysis. I would like to personally thank Mr. Venkadesh, for sharing his exceptional knowledge who shared with us in Business Analysis Program.

Ashwin Sivabalan, Manager (Business Collaboration , Mobility & IoT Solutions)

Tata Communications

I have recently completed " Mastering Business Analysis " training for my Business Analysis Exam . Great to be part of Venkadesh`s Business Analysis training . It was really simple and great. Highly recommend to all others who are willing to shine and grow better in Business Analysis arena . We can reach out to him even after our training classes for any clarification on Business Analysis which is unique with Fhyzics and Venkatesh. Excellent trainer,simple examples and very positive.

Revathy Krishnan, Senior Manger - Projects Transition and Transformation

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Venkadesh is highly knowledgable person. I also thank & always appreciate the team efforts shown to students who join the Fhyzics and support they provide is highly commandable...You are doing a good job with many Individual carer by providing the right directions and team is always co operative and approachable...

Shankar Sharma S, Business Analyst

Thomson Reuters

Venkadesh is extremely passionate about Business Analysis and has an amazing skill-set to mentor Business Analysis applicants with the help of practical examples. His training workshops are extremely fruit-full with an assurance of enormous amount of takeaways that help Business Analysts in their day to day life.

Abhijit Deshmukh, Business Analyst


I had an very good experience in learning Business Analysis from Mr Venkadesh Narayanan at Fhyzics. His concepts are clear, and my take away was the a clear understanding of the subject and ability to apply it in my work. Thanks !! Mr Venkadesh for imparting the tasks,techniques patiently.

Meena Goel, Head Business Development

Polyhose India Pvt Ltd

I attended Business Analysis Session conducted by Mr.Venkadesh. The level of detail given to each chapters in Business Analysis Schema is amazing, which will make you understand the concepts easily and retain it as well. The study technique which is suggested by him helped me a lot during preparation for Business Analysis exam. It is definitely one of the best trainings I have attended, and would recommend anybody who is going to take Business Analysis exam.

Taufeeq Ahamed, Business Analysis Senior Consultant

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd

Great to be part of Venkadesh`s Business Analysis webinars! They are extremely useful for all aspiring Business Analysis candidates. Always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional of great caliber! Highly recommend to all others. Excellent trainer,excellent examples and very positive. A++++ Thank you Venkadesh.

Indraneel Chatterjee,Business Analysis Associate Team Lead - Business Analyst


I attended the Business Analysis session by Venkadesh . He explained every concept in the Business Analysis Schema guide in great detail in a more exciting way with many practical examples . He walked me through the various Do’s and Dont’s of business analysis. He has a great passion for teaching and makes every effort to make us understand the concepts well. I recommend anyone who would like to enhance their career in business analysis to have a chat with him and attend his course to get positive results.

Suchitra Viswanathan Senior Java Developer / Consultant

Australian Public Service

I have undertaken a certification program training for Business Analysis under Mr. Venkadesh who was the faculty for this program. Mr. Venkadesh's training is very effective and complete with lot of real world examples and scenarios which helped me in gaining a lot of insight through this program. I wish him the best!

Karthik Ganesan, MBA, Business Analysis Client Engagement Manager

Karsun Solutions, LLC

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a 2 day workshop on 'Mastering Business Analysis' conducted by Venkadesh. He made the Business Analysis Schema concepts ridiculously simple by eliciting real time examples. The topic on Requirements Management/Elicitation was particularly very useful as we could co-relate to the BA practice that we have got in RBS very easily. I wish Venkadesh all the very best for his future assignments.

Madhu Sundararajan ,Business Analysis® Prince 2® HCD, Senior Business Analyst

National Australia Bank

Mr.Venkadesh is a master in the art of Business Analysis and I was fortunate to attend his sessions which equipped me with the tools required for Mastering Business Analysis. I would recommend him as a mentor for the people who wish to develop their career as Business Analyst.

Bhanuchand Namineni, Consultant


Mr. Venkadesh is an expert at what he does” I had a chance to attend his Mastering in Business Analysis certification class and I found the training was one of the best in my career.  Before attending the class, I was bit hesitate to consider it but my enquiry session with him cleared all my doubts on Business Analysis and its advantages.  He is an excellent skilled person in Business Analysis, when you have any doubt on Business Analysis, I strongly recommend you to contact him.  He is a down to earth person has a friendly yet professional approach. True Champion. He is amazing. 

Sathishkumar Selvam, Senior Business Analyst

ALTEN Calsoft Labs

I attended the Mastering in Business Analysis session conducted by Venkadesh, it was a very informative session. He gave examples from the daily life that helped me to understand the concepts clearly. I look forward to attend more sessions conducted by him.

Shivanjalee Bildikar, Team Lead - Information Development

Persistent Systems

I attended the online Mastering Use Cases training done by Venkadesh. Throughout the training he was consistent in content delivery and was keen to address all the participants queries. What I like most about his session is that he is able to convey concepts in simple and clear manner which is a mere reflection of his experience in the field of business analysis. Without any hesitation I would recommend BA trainings by Venkadesh to aspirants who are looking to advance their career in Business Analysis. Keep up the good work!

Simu Siddique ITIL®, PMP® ,Business Analysis®, CPP Masters® Manager-Business Transformation & IT

Veolia Water-Moalajah

I had an excellent experience in attending a 2 day Fhyzics Business Analysis training under Venkadesh sir. He has a thorough knowledge of the functioning of an organization not limited to IT sector which helps to build a strong foundation for business analysis certification. The course structure is perfectly aligned with Business Analysis modules which enable you to prepare for Business Analysis certification. Also, the service that they provide is very prompt and guides you from enrollment to certification.

Prem Gadavi, Senior Specialist

SunGard - now part of FIS

Venkadesh is an expert business analysis person. His in-depth knowledge on business analysis and exposure to various verticals are advantages and help participants understand different concepts easily. His real-time example are simple and useful.

Elango Subramaniam, Scrum Master & Business Analyst

Commonwealth Bank

I would say that, its a sheer luck that made me to get into his program on BA....when joined i am sure that everybody would say the same. Recommend anybody who is interested in BA to join his program , where he will make sure that u will be an expert BA.

Hari Baskar, Sales Manager


After I decided to take up Business Analysis Certification, The promising consulting he gave me regarding Business Analysis training and certification was really encouraging. He is the best mentor when it comes to Business Analysis. His delivery of the content backed up with techniques, real life scenarios and examples makes it easy to understand the concepts very well. He covers audience from various industry profiles at the same time. His teaching skills are excellent. When unfortunate situations made me to miss my modules, he made it fortunate by providing extra classes. He makes sure no one misses any module. Online materials, mock exams, regular follow up and reminders about classes by Email, Messages and Phone calls – Mr. Venkadesh and his team does a fabulous work!!

Deva Nithi Anand A, Business Analyst


It's my pleasure to write a recommendation for Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan (Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd), who provided me the required training and consultation for Fhyzics certification. His excellent command over the subject and the ability to address the need of each student made him an outstanding professional in IT Consulting field. He was very clear about the concepts and was able to explain to them effectively by relating them to real project scenarios. As a BA I was able to relate to all his examples cited by him. He has a very good team working with him who are very prompt in replying with solution to any queries raised. I am definitely going to hire him for my other certifications in future.

Poonam Shakya, Sr Business Systems Analyst

Arizona Department of Transportation

I must say about Venkadesh N. that the trainings provided by him are unique, appropriate and commendable. Apart from that the knowledge level and training session is really great.

Gagandeep Bansal, FLMI-I Senior Business Analyst


Of all the training (workplace/offline) I have had in the last few years, Venkadesh’s Business Analysis training stands out as the best. The quality of the training along with the knowledge and insight of Venkadesh was outstanding. Venkadesh was able to shed some real Business Analysis skills not just test knowledge. What impressed me was the presence, clarity of subject matter, ability to keep students engaged, and overall professionalism. Progress through the course was inclusive, getting everyone into the subject and utilize a consistent set of techniques and vocabulary. The courses are structured in such a way that we can apply the techniques, concepts and principles immediately in the real world. Fhyzics team was extremely flexible in developing customized training plans based on my work schedule. Materials provided are all of the highest quality. I would recommend Venkadesh and his Fhyzics team to any individual or organization seeking a results driven training and guidance with regard to Business Analysis.

Anandha Raj Jeyabal Mariappan, Senior Business Analyst

HTC Global Service

I have always wanted to make my career as a Business Analyst because Not Two Days of a Business Analyst is Same. To become a successful Business Analyst, I had to first know the nuances of Business Analysis. Hence I decided to go for Business Analysis training. After thorough research, I found Venkadesh and Fhyzics to be one of the best in the country for training professionals for Business Analysis exam. After interacting with the team at Fhyzics, I felt very positive about clearing the exam. They maintained a highly professional approach. whenever I had my queries, at any point of time in a day, the team would pick my call and help me. When compared to other training institutes who don't even care to pick your call once you are done paying the amount, Fhyzics is highly approachable. The most important aspect which I liked is the timliness of the classes. Classes start precisely as per the time mentioned in the schedule. Thus by not wasting my time nor theirs, they are able to complete the course as per the scheduled syllabus. There were also times when I could not attend the classes due to technical system issues, but Venkadesh scheduled extra classes to cover the syllabus so that I dont lack behind. Venkadesh not only helps you how to approach Business Analysis Schema, but also provides myriad real-time examples and case studies along the way. This keeps the class very interesting and happening. To Summarize, Venkadesh is truly the best in the country for those who want to pursue Business Analysis exam. You will never regret for taking the course. I thank Venkadesh and Fhyzics for taking me through a wonderful journey.

Vinyas Shreedhar, Associate Manager

Standard Chartered Bank

I attended training on CBPP conducted by Vekadesh and I found these session to be extremely valuable. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions and willingly gave his time to responding to questions thoroughly. I certainly would recommend him for any training on this topic.

Rajesh Gupta, PMP Manager IT

Mahindra Comviva

A well accomplished training institute with experienced business consultants such a Venkadesh who possesses significant practical experience. This is something which radiates in the use of practical examples in teaching the course contents. The depth of his understanding and ability to welcome questions and accordingly provide relevant answers is commendable. I would recommend Fhyzics to anyone who wishes to progress their careers in the field of business analysis and thereby learn the necessary techniques to master business analysis. Your investment will not go to a waste.

Ronil Bhindi, Business Systems Service Manager

New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Venkadesh sir is truly a master of Business Analysis. He has been a commendable teacher. I highly commend him for his subject knowledge and delivery excellence. He always gives personal attention to his students and mentors them towards success.

Neeraj kapoor, Business Analyst Capability Lead for SA

SMS Management & Technology

When I have planned to do the Business Analysis (Business Analysis) certification, i came to know about the Mr. Venkadesh Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Venkadesh clarified all my queries about the BA certification & impressed me to join certification course. During training sessions i found below strong & good points about him are: In-depth knowledge of Business analysis & concepts. Explanation on the concepts are very clear, precise & also based on the realtime scenerio & examples. Online & Training material provided by him are very good. Great Time Managment by him & His team. Great Management of Virtual Classes. He is such a genuine person in handling unknown persons too & making Comfortable to us. I am very much happy that he is my Trainer for BA course. I would recommend cadidates BA course or Business Analysis certification at Fhyzics & have mentor like Mr. Venkadesh.

Vijay Mehetre, IT Manager


When I have planned to do the Business Analysis (Business Analysis) certification, i came to know about the Mr. Venkadesh Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Venkadesh clarified all my queries about the BA certification & impressed me to join certification course. During training sessions i found below strong & good points about him are: In-depth knowledge of Business analysis & concepts. Explanation on the concepts are very clear, precise & also based on the realtime scenerio & examples. Online & Training material provided by him are very good. Great Time Managment by him & His team. Great Management of Virtual Classes. He is such a genuine person in handling unknown persons too & making Comfortable to us. I am very much happy that he is my Trainer for BA course. I would recommend cadidates BA course or Business Analysis certification at Fhyzics & have mentor like Mr. Venkadesh.

Vijay Mehetre, IT Manager


I would like to recommend Mr.Venkadesh for his highly Inspiring Training in the area of Business Analysis. He provides expertise knowledge through his Experience.His illustration is purely based on Business Strategies which comes across through his Project experience and real-time understanding.I would recommend aspiring Business Analysis candidates for this training.

Karthikeyan Gunasekaran, Functional Consultant

Today was my First Class with Venkadesh. It was virtual Class, his explanation on the concepts are very clear and precise. His online material and videos are very very "GOOD". In the materials we have lots of videos which explain the concepts of Business Analysis. I recommend every BA to go through them. I am very much happy that he is my mentor during my journey of being a Business Analysis. Looking forward to my next Sunday Class. Thank you very much "Venkadesh Sir" for the support and help.

Yogendra Lakshminarayan, CSPO Lead Business Analyst (Product owner)

Harman International India Pvt. Ltd

When I planned to switch my career to business analysis I searched a lot and at last I found Fhyzics. When I met Mr.Venkadesh first the way he handled me is much professional and it impressed me to pursue the course that moment itself. He is such a genuine person in handling unknown persons too. From the first class till now he is making me understand all the concepts thorough with real time examples. When u think of doing any business analysis course or project Mr. Venkadrdh. Is the right person.

Arul Srinivasan, Senior Analyst


I had completed the Business Analysis training course in fhyzics business consultant. course had helped me a lot to understand the Business analysis process. Mr Venkadesh narayanan is the best faculty I had ever met who teaches difficult things in a very simple way unless u understand it properly. As for working professional timing flexibility is very important he is available at any time as per our convenience.Modules Provided by Phyzics are very good to prepare for Business Analysis now I am confident of giving Business Analysis examination any time.

Sachin Mudliar, Senior Financial Advisor

Edelweiss Financial Services

Very knowledgeable and has proven expertise in the area of "Business Analysis" and "Business Process" analysis. I had the chance to attend one of his online Business Analysis coaching courses and I would recommend the course to anybody who wishes to transition to a BA role or would like to upgrade their knowledge areas. The practical examples and case studies covered were in depth and very insightful, and he makes a superb attempt to cover the entire gamut of topics in the most exhaustive manner.

Srila Ramanujam, Business Analysis


I came to know about MR. Venkatesh when i planned to do Business Analysis. The very first day i met him he spoke to us in a very friendly nad much professional way. This made me to pursue the course. His classes were much practical and the examples are also in realtime based. He made us understand complicated concepts in a much easier way. He is such a wonderful helping mind with great professionalism. I am very much happy to be associated with him.

Duraimurugan Umaparameswaran, Manager - Data

The Deal

I got in contact with Venkadesh Sir for my Business Analysis certification. I found him one of the best in the field of Business Analysis with tremendous amount of Industry experience. His examples are real and practical which teaches alot and beyond the curriculum. It was a tremendous learning experience. I cleared the Business Analysis certification with in 30 days of preparation.

Pawan Shukla, Mobile App Integration Manager


I have known Venkadesh for over 5 years now - first as a classmate of mine during our MBA courswork and later as professional trainer for my Business Analysis certification training when he was a part of Fhysics Business Consultants when I got the chance to be a part of his Business Analysis preparatory training program. I attended the Business Analysis course online as an one-on-one session with Venkadesh and I was throughly impressed by his depth of knowledge in the area. The course was informative and it not only helped me to succeed in the Business Analysis examination, but greatly enhanced my understanding in the general Business Analysis. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to excel as a professional Business Analyst.

Chetan Bekkinkeri, Senior Manager


I've been taking some unofficial KT (help) for a while now on Business Analysis by Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan. And, although I know very little about Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan, I spotted two things in this person which inspired me: One, he has an extensive and deep knowledge of processes, two his ability to approach and solve business problems is no less than “thinking outside the box”. Now imagine an outcome when he uses a blend of one and two.

Rakesh Babu, Analyst

GlobalData Plc

I attended Business Analysis training program in Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt Ltd. Mr.Venkadesh enlightened Business analyst skills to me. He was also discuss about Business analysis practical and present scenarios in industry. And the Quality of teaching is equal to university professor grade. I recommend Mr.Venkadesh, Because he is the best person to teach Business Analysis in india. And Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt Ltd is a best place to learn for Business analysis (Business Analysis) in India.

Srinivasan Krishnan, Senior Usability Analyst

Ramco Systems

During my training program with Mr.Vengadesh on Business Analysis what I felt was,” Passion sparks other mind passion”; this is one of the best courses I attended on the Business Analysis . Few reasons why I recommend the Training program , Apart from Training for Business Analysis , there is a lot of practical case studies being discussed for a Business Analyst to approach a Business Problem, Interaction is the key for a clear focus, this is the right place to it, in a one to one session the tutor discuss on any depth on the Subject area, A web based course content is available to summarize the discussion held on that day, Interactive Model question papers available to boost up the confidence before giving Business Analysis. In short an “All in one training program” for any Business Analysis aspirants.

Pradeep Senthil, Business Analysis® Senior Consultant

Servion Global Solutions

Venkadesh is a friendly, hard-working and dedicated-to-task team player. His out of the box insights always brought new dimensions to the group projects. An outstanding leader and analyst that he is; it should not be a surprise that he is very convincing.

Vikas Bachchas Joint promoter

Vivido Media

Venkadesh is a dedicated lean practitioner. While working on a lean project as a part of his MBA program, Venkadesh demonstrated through actions his knowledge and understanding of Lean Manufacturing. His "hands-on" approach and involvement with the operators created an environment conducive to Continuous Improvement. The combination of his business and engineering expertise put together and actionable plan to eliminate waste in the process.

Kent Richards, Director, Siemens Performance System

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Venkadesh worked as a consultant identifying new growth options for Imaginatik. His research, analysis and recommendations were rigorous, thoughtful and actionable. His presentations were easy to understand and compelling. His attititude was always positive and optimistic. He is a great person to work with because of his ready smile, willingness to listen and commitment to finish what he starts. He is an expert in six sigma and is able to apply this knowledge to other processes. I would welcome him on any of my teams.

Hitendra Patel, Professor of Innovation and Strategic Growth

University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management

Venkadesh is a detail-oriented team player who specializes in improving processes through lean methods, kaizen, and six sigma. He is easy to work with, makes insightful suggestions, and does a superb job. He is also reliable and has a sense of humor. If given a chance, I will definitely work with him again. As a result of Venkadesh's contribution to our team project, we won the "Best Business Plan" in consulting.

Cecilia D. Whipple, PMP®, SFC™, MBA, MSA, Management Consulting Manager


Venkadesh and I worked together on several assignments during our MBA. Three major skills make him a very valuable asset for any team: the ability to go from the big picture to the key drivers of a problem, a deep knowledge and understanding of processes, and a fine sense of humor. Great contributor in class discussions and active listener in group talks, I really enjoyed meeting and working with him.

Michele Tucci, Head of Strategic Partnerships


Venkadesh is an excellent, hard working, smart colleague that has been great work with. Through his knowledge and interpersonal skills he has helped many team members in developing their business knowledge. His spirit, passion, team-oriented style, and leadership has impacted us in a positive way. I recommend him for any type of job because he is the kind of man who can learn quickly, get a high quality job done, and work well with others. It is an asset to have know him and I expect a great future for him and those who work with him.

Kenneth Aliaga, MBA Lead Recruiter

Robert Half Technology

Venkadesh was a keen and enthusiastic student in our Six Sigma Green Belt class. He was an effective team member, asked insightful questions and we had good discussions around the linkage of Lean Six Sigma to business strategy.

John Noguera, CTO & Co-founder


Venkadesh is an extremely intelligent, well read and warm person. Over the past one year at Hult, he has come across as a great student, friend and team leader with loads of insight and excellent interpersonal skills. He has been in the Dean's List and also among the top 5% in the calss.

Yasmin Yahya, Manager (Financial Advisory)