Business Analysis Advisory Services

  • 1. Building Business Capability in your Organisation +

    Business capability is defined as ability of an Organisation to transform or Produce results that provide value to the stakeholder. Building Business capability is vital for an organisation for its strategic growth and improve performance.
  • 2. Requirement Management Structure for Organisation +

    Managing requirements is essential to the control the project scope and ensure the efforts and deliverables are in accordance with Project plan.
  • 3. Effective Requirements Gathering +

    An effective gathering of requirements is key to success of any project. Requirements should be specific, precise, fully defined, achievable and must be signed-off by the necessary stakeholders.
  • 4. Business Analysis Artefacts +

    Business analysis artefacts are tools which help understand critical business processes, Organisational pain points, various stakeholders involved, etc. which would be helpful for performing effective business analysis.
  • 5. Domain Framework +

    Defining and understanding domain knowledge is essential to address the challenges ahead and plan for designing and implementing changes.
  • 6. Business Case/Business Proposal Development +

    Business case outlines the benefits of a project and reasons whether or not to proceed with a project by assessing costs, benefits, risks, time-period to complete, Operational impact etc and helps stakeholders in making appropriate decisions.
  • 7. Requirements Document Auditing +

    Conduct audit services for your requirement documentation process and improve requirement management practices.
  • 8. Establishing effective methods for Solution Validation +

    Solution delivered is effective only when it satisfies the needs and requirements of a stakeholder. Evaluating solution performance, and organisational preparedness for proposed changes are critical to effectively validate a solution.
  • 9. Stakeholder Engagement +

    Engaging stakeholders critical to the Organisation change related activities who can directly or indirectly influence the decision making process can be achieved by Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  • 10. Stakeholder Identification +

    Success of Business analysis project involves identifying and involving key stakeholders to capture knowledge, experience and values which are indispensable to the project success.
  • 11. Process Identification & Mapping +

    Examining existing process and standardising process flow and creating process maps to improve process efficiency.
  • 12. Business Process Modelling & Design +

    Business process modelling captures all the processes involved in a business activity in a graphical notation and to facilitate understanding of the business processes by standardising the procedures.
  • 13. Establishing Business Analysis Centre of Excellence +

    Business analysis centre of Excellence implements process excellence in an Organisation by managing the competency model, providing appropriate training, defining roles, preparation of essential tools for conducting business analysis activities etc.
  • 14. Domain Intelligence Comprehensive Analysis +

    Domain is the atmosphere or an eco-system within which business system, process, people operate. A domain has its unique characteristics, functions and is continually evolving. A comprehensive analysis on Domain intelligence would focus on current trends, advancements made, future scope etc.
  • 15. Adopting Business Analysis Standards +

    Deployment of standard practices and measures for performing business analysis activities thereby achieving efficient, Consistent and shared understanding of Business analysis practices.
  • 16. RFP Preparation +

    RFP Preparation for winning potential bids and assist in checklist and templates for your Organisation.
  • 17. User Story Development +

    User Stories are critical artefacts for project development teams. Effective user stories are critical to estimate time-period and costs.
  • 18. Software Selection +

    We assist in suitable software selection that best fits your Organisational Strategies.
  • 19. Establishing KPIs for your Process, Departments and Organisation +

    Identifying Key performance indicators or Critical success factors which are essential for Organisational effectiveness and help improve
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