Business analysts are considered as the bridge between the troubles and the solutions. They find the exact path to the solution. The business analyst should find out the area that requires improvement and updates that particular area to the global standard. Business Analysts make the organization for the future. BAs work is more ambitious as they don’t have any fixed process around them. A business analyst should endeavor for clarity in communications; he should prepare comprehensive and crisp documentation.

Let us review the typical day of a business analyst Mr. Sam working in a private company. 

At 9 am, the Sun was scorching at its peak as if it was noon. Sam starts his day with the greetings to the colleagues with the glimpse at the number of emails he has received in his BlackBerry. Sam starts his day with the greetings to the colleagues with the glimpse at the number of emails he has received. He started picking the emails that require immediate attention and the next few minutes are spent in giving replies and few minutes to solve the queries. Then Sam gets ready for the daily scrum meeting which lasts for about 15 minutes. The session briefs about the uncertainty, the issues that are solved and the tasks assigned to the team members.

At 11 am, after the coffee, Sam prepares himself for the next meeting with the stakeholders. He makes sure that all the stakeholders are present in the meeting. (Sam thinks “At the end of the session, I’m going to make some progress” and makes his notes ready for gathering requirements.) Sam tries to understand the stakeholders’ needs, problems and opportunities. Clients wish to have some modifications in their requirements and so Sam updates the documentation with the help of his junior business analyst and the requirements are mapped thoroughly. Sam processes requests related to project documentation from development and quality analysis team.

At 2 pm, Sam was called for a meeting with the subject matter experts and user experience professionals. As this is a regular meeting, it didn’t exceed more than an hour. Just when the clock struck 3, Sam is on a video conference with the functional managers who are around the world. The objective of the meeting is to enhance the newly developed product.

At 5 pm, Sam is in a meeting with the project manager. They discuss the current status of the project, flow of the project and make sure that it goes with the expected project baseline and other parameters and recommend pre-emptive actions. Sam makes a note of the risks encountered by him for the future use. He reviews the BRD (Business Requirement Document) for the upcoming project and after the thorough evaluation, he scrutinizes the document and shares the document with the project manager.

Sam’s day comes to an end after a brief discussion on backlogs that needs to be prioritized and current status of the existing Projects in hand.  

Written by  Veena Tamilvanan