1. Iogear Mobile Scribe Digital Pen With Flash Memory

Business analyst cannot carry heavy laptops often, this problem can be solved by digital pen. This pen allows you to compose, draw and outline in a white paper while the same time it stores the data in its Flash memory. The data stored can be transferred to a computer via USB.

2. Unic P1 Series Portable Dlp Mini Led Micro Projector Wifi Hd 30 Lumens Airplay

It diminishes tedious process in collecting overwhelming projectors with electronic gadgets. The documents can be exchanged remotely, and it has great battery move down up to 60 minutes. The weight of this projector is only 90 grams. The span of the photo can be modified from 7 to 70 inches. It supports many formats like Mp3, OGG, AAC, WAV, DIVX, VOB, ASF AVI, VOB, MPEG, RM, MOV, RMVB, AVC, AC3, DTS, ADPCM, PCM and MP4.

3. Energous Wattup

Wireless routers are a staple in many workplaces; Imagine a scenario where the routers could remotely charge gadgets. The WattUp utilizes Bluetooth, RF and its own innovation to convey energy to mobile phones, tablets and different gadgets within a distance of 15-feet. The gadget can organize things that are more minimal on battery control, among other adjustable settings. 

Those gadgets must incorporate WattUp's innovation which means your current iPhone or Android gadget won't have the capacity to exploit the framework but the future variants may have the capacity.


4. The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

Business examiner can't expect printers everywhere. This issue is solved by THE MINI MOBILE ROBOTIC PRINTER created by KICK STARTER. The printer leans towards wireless change of information, with the printing speed of 1.2 PPM. It permits dark cartridge ink, which gives rich printed content. It works with Android, IOS, Linus and Windows. Charging time of three hours provides one hour of printing time. The entire body is comprised of Polycarbonate, and it weighs only 300g.

5. Titan Note

TITAN NOTE illuminates the note-taking procedure in a single click. It transforms audio notes into content. It prefers wireless technology and exchange information in a flash to the gadget. You can alter and upgrade the information whenever required. It decreases mix-ups and upgrades the report. It weighs just 350 grams and profoundly convenient. When recording audio, the gadget has the capacity change over audio into content precisely. Notwithstanding that, it also has a translation feature which helps you to translate the text into ten different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. It has a 3800mAh battery move down, it offers 55 hours of recording time. It can be matched with IOS and Android gadgets likewise it has commotion cancellation highlights.

6. Airbar 

Do you want to turn your normal display into interactive touch screen here comes AIRBAR. AIRBAR turn’s any normal screen into touch screen. It’s simple, slim USB peripheral that is attached to the USB port. AirBar creates an invisible light field over the screen, which refers as zForce AIR technology. It works with all operating systems and does not require any special software.

Written by  Veena Tamilvanan