Why Do We Need Business Analysts?

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The role of a business analyst is to propose change and to solve organizational problems. The need for business analysts came very recently that is in the past 3 decades. Why this sudden requirement for business analysts? What contributed to this need?

I have three reasons why organizations must have business analysts?
1) Until the middle of the last century, most of the inventions came out of individuals, but off late new gadgets and machineries have been coming out of corporations. When a large team is working on a new product, they need to have a shared thinking … hence business analysts, who in a way wire the brains.

2) Various studies indicate that most of the fatally failed projects have their root cause traced to poor requirements. Hence organizations felt that it would be better to focus more on the requirements to develop and deliver the projects effectively. Hence the birth of business analysts.

3) the world is no longer a stable place and we call this as new normal. Meaning change is very frequent across all the industries. If you are selling salt, may be you need not have to worry for the next 25 years, but anything else better you be very watchful on the industry trends. Things may come without warning. Once successful companies are vanishing overnight, because of disruption in industry. So we need a business analyst who will be constantly monitoring these trends and advise the management well in advance.

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