Business Analysis Domain Spotlight: Quality

♦ UG/PG degree from any reputed university; MBA in Finance and Economics is preferred
♦ Ability to develop and understand blueprints, handle gauges like voltmeter, calipers and should measure the quality of standards
♦ Should understand and develop complex programs with SQL
♦ Should perform data analysis, hardness test and maintain a clear report
♦ Intermediate working knowledge with Microsoft office, especially with EXCEL and Project word
♦ Should understand client’s requirements and ensure the quality of service
♦ Should conduct frequent workshops and discuss new technologies
♦ Should work with the Production team, Quality team and Service department and develop a detailed report
♦ Should find alternatives and reduce the financial wastages
♦ Should provide expert advice to management in developing the business
♦ Should develop business-class presentations and handle international clients
♦ Should have excellent communication skill and project management skill