Business Analysis Domain Spotlight: Fashion

♦ Any Bachelor's degree, but a master's degree in fashion technology [fashion lover] is preferred
♦ Exposure towards retail industry is mandatory
♦ Should have good historical knowledge about fashion
♦ Hands on experience with Customer Master Data/ Data Management
♦ Should communicate with fashion designers, retailers, design houses, manufactures and some non-profit organization
♦ Sharp Internet skills is mandatory, should track blog post, consumer traffic and should develop some hype around certain trends and styles
♦ Intermediate in Microsoft Excel and able to create business class presentations
♦ Should spot upcoming trends and products
♦ Should validate the fashion industry and provide detailed report
♦ Should research past trends and should analyse the reasons behind success and downfall
♦ Should possess good design knowledge and analysis skills
♦ Should have good reporting, documenting, presentation and explanation skills
♦ Should have excellent communication skills and should deal with international clients
♦ Should take rejection as learning experience and should keep getting new ideas