Business Analysis Domain Spotlight: Education

♦ Bachelor’s Degree/ Master degree in a recognized university
♦ Intermediate experience in working with analytic tools (Excel, UNIX and SQL)
♦ Should be able to interact with students and find new learning techniques
♦ Prior experience with SAS
♦ Should develop creative and professional strategies for the institution
♦ Should be able to perform complex programs with SQL
♦ Exposure towards programming languages (VB, VBA, Perl, Python, Unix shell scripting) is an advantage
♦ Should take responsibilities in finding new development techniques
♦ Exposure towards Tera data will be helpful
♦ Should have good planning and organizing skills
♦ Should have prior technical knowledge and subject knowledge
♦ Ability to change information with related to the environment
♦ Should maintain strong business partnership with the board members
♦ Should manage portfolio projects for business-class clients
♦ Should master the Student Success Platform and create detailed report
♦ Should have interrogation with client staff and assist them in developing their projects
♦ Should provide expert advice to the clients and should improve the relationship with them
♦ Excellent communication skills, analytical skills and Risk management skills are required