Business Analysis Domain Spotlight: Capital Markets

♦ Graduation (or) Post Graduation from a reputed university
♦ Should interact with clients, understand their requirements and translate them into technical aspects
♦ Should have intermediate level experience in Trading, Transaction, and Data-management processes
♦ Should know the market value, should be able to work with risk managers, designers and investment analysts and develop new strategies
♦ Prior knowledge in technical environment (Java Core, GWT, C++, Sybase)
♦ Prior knowledge about business organization (FO, MO, BO)
♦ Should create business impact analysis on deliverables and report them to stakeholders
♦ Should participate in management reviews and develop prototypes for new business ideas
♦ Should perform operational activities - creating work instructions, provide training and training materials
♦ Should be an expert in task analysis for business-class people
♦ Should have solid experience in testing applications in maintenance mode
♦ Should understand complex programs and modify or develop if needed
♦ Ability to handle management
♦ Should provide a detailed report often
♦ Should be familiar with SQL and RDBMS
♦ Ability to handle international clients and should have excellent communication skills (would be representing BP2S in many situations)
♦ Should have strong analytical skills and should provide creative solutions to clients