Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Tunis

About Tunis City
Tunis is one of the leading producers of textiles, carpets and olive oil. The Tunis is the financial capital of Tunisia. The city occupies 65% of financial companies. The Primary economy relies on agriculture. Tunis is gifted with fertile soil, large plans, and groundwater that offer the perfect environment for cultivation. Tunis Lake is the historical heart of Tunisia. The Bardo National Museum is one of the richest museums in the world, and it has a valuable collection of mosaic. Major universities like University of Tunis, Tunis Private University, University of Ez-Zitouna are located in this city. The city offers best in the class environment for a tourist some of them are Port El Kantaoui, Bardo National Museum, etc.


1. Institute of War and Peace
2. International Rescue Committee
3. BioReliance
4. FIS
5. African Development Bank
6. Creative Associates International
7. EY

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