Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Tel-aviv

About Tel-aviv City
Tel Aviv is the technical and financial center of Israel. The city is said as “The City that Never Sleeps” and is additionally called as “Party Capital.” Tel Aviv is the 25th essential financial center in the world. Aviv Stock Exchange is the only market, which has created many records since 1990s. The city is the hometown for many scientific and research institutes. Tel Aviv attracts millions of tourists annually, and the government of Aviv ensures best in class experience to the tourists. The city is known for its nightclubs, pubs and parties. Aviv is the international center for fashion design.


1. SimilarWeb
2. Gett
3. TASC Strategic Consulting
4. Perion
5. Wix
6. Check Point Software
7. Fiverr
8. Signals Analytics
9. Sapiens
10. Vlocity
11. Netanya
12. Natural Intelligence
13. WeWork
14. Gimmonix
15. Fiverr
16. Citi
17. Juno
18. Riskified
19. GetTaxi
20. WeWork
21. Cellebrite
22. Gimmonix
23. Sapiens
24. WalkMe
25. Intuit
26. Amdocs, Inc.
27. IBM

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