Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Sulaymaniyah

About Sulaymaniyah City
Sulaymaniyah is surrounded by Baranan Mountain, and the land is gifted with natural resources. The government of Sulaymaniyah offers free education up to graduation. The university of Sulaymaniyah offers both cultural and technical education. The citie’s economy lies with tourism, small factories and agriculture. The city has best in class tourist experience and some of them are Sulaymaniyah Museum, Chavi Land, Azadi Square (Sera Square), Azadi Amusement Park, Sarchnar Park, etc.


1. SAP Labs
2. eClerx Services
3. ANR Software
5. Brick Force Consulting Service PVT LTD
6. Xerox
7. Williams Lea
8. Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd
9. Saasvaap Techies Pvt. Ltd
10. Qualcomm
11. Hewlett-Packard
12. Fidelity Business
13. Amazon Development Centre
14. input Zero
15. Scope International
16. Dell International
17. NEXTracker

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