Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Dubai

About Dubai City
Sharjah is the political, financial and legal support of the state. The city contributes about 7.4 percentages of GDP of the state. It acts as the industrial and economic hub of the state. Cost of setting up industry in Sharjah is less compared to any other city in the state. Sharjah is one of the wealthiest cities on the planet. The city occupies a number of reputed universities, and the government ensures quality education. In Sharjah, the sale or consumption of alcohol is prohibited due to Muslim majority this enhanced number of Islamic tourist to the city. The city has many places to look after some of them are Sharjah Museum of Islamic Cultivation, Adventure land, Heritage area, Sharjah Maritime Museum, etc.


1. University of Sharjah
2. Greenhouse Foodstuff Trading
3. Petrofac
5. Al Zahra Private Hospital
6. Delta Partners
7. Emirates
8. Deerfoot IT Resources Limited
9. Nigel Frank International
11. flydubai
12. Google
13. Economist Group
14. Aetna
15. Emaratech
16. Roland Berger
17. Procter & Gamble
18. Fetchr
19. The Economist
20. PepsiCo
21. Hilton
22. Visa
23. Genesis Scada Solutions

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