Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Ankara

About Ankara City
Ankara is the commercial and metropolitan capital of Turkey. The Primary economy to the city lies in producing honey, cat skins, gum, wax, and berries. The city supplied berries, grains, and wool during the First World War to Istanbul. The city acts as the center for defense and aerospace companies and acts as the headquarters of The Turkish Aerospace Industries, ASELSAN, MKE, Roketsan, etc. Ankara provides hot summer climate, which supports many production companies to invest in the city. The city acts as the educational center of turkey, the city offers best in class education. The city is occupied by number of tourist spot some of them are Atakule, Enthography Museunm Anitkbir, etc.

Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Sao

About Sao City
Sao is one among the best producer sugar, coffee and cocoa. The government of Sao and Nigeria have implemented many projects and reached agreement of Join exploration for petroleum in water. The city has a rule of providing compulsory education up to 4thstandared. Portuguese is considered as the national language. Sao is an island, and has various attractions like Ilhéu das Rolas, Obo Natural Park, São Sebastião Museum, Roça Água-Izé, etc.

Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Tehran

About Tehran City
Tehran is the ordnance capital of Iran. Around 35 percentages of the public sector and 45 percentage of the private sector of the country are situated in Tehran. Tehran is known for its shopping centers more than 60 shopping malls are assembled in this city. Tehran has a wealth of tourist attractions like The National Museum, the Malek Museum, The carpet Museum Abgineh Museum, etc. The city transport has many advanced automobile vehicles. Tehran is the important center for education institutions more than 50 reputed universities are present. The government of Tehran preserves the architectural monuments. The city offers semi-arid climate, which helps to develop agricultural activities.


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