Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Sanaa

About Sanaa City
Sanaa is known for its mining industries. Mountains and plateaus secure the city. The city owns more than 40 percentages of public sectors of the city. Sana’s old city is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city provides cultural and technical education. The city offers semi-arid climate, which promotes mining process. The city’s mining industry contributes more than sixty percentages of employments in the state. There are many attractions around the city some of them are Dar al-Hajar, Saleh Mosque, Great Mosque of Sana'a, Ghumdan Palace, Bab al-Yaman, etc.


1. PwC Jobs
2. EY
4. Accenture
5. IBM
6. McKinsey & Company
7. J.P. Morgan
8. Amazon
9. Apple
10. Oracle
11. Brain & Company
12. TresVista

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