Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Ras-al-khaima

About Ras-al-khaima City
Ras al Khaimah is the economic and financial support of United Arab Emirate. The primary economy to the city lies with real estate, manufacturing building materials, tourism, service sector, agriculture and fisheries. The city offers hot and arid climate, which supports the cultivation and enhances agricultural activities. The city offers business-class experience to the tourists. There are many places to visit around Ras al Khaimah some of them are ice land water park, Marjan island, Jebel jais, Museum of Khaimah, Saqr Park, etc.


1. Waldorf Astroia Ras Al Khaimah
2. Macdonald & Company
3. Prospero Teaching
4. American University of Ras Al Khaimah
5. Premium
6. TRH Consultancy Service

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