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About the Program
Fhyzics Institute of Business Analysis and Research (FIBAAR), the knowledge wing of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, is committed towards building Business Analysis (BA) excellence both in corporate and academia. Our vision is to create a million trained Business Analysts across the globe over the next 5 years. Towards attaining that vision, we are launching a program for students pursuing their final year of their graduation titled “Business Analysis Program Level-1”.

Business Analysis Trends & Opportunity
Business Analysts are the internal consultants in an organization who are responsible to recommend solutions to improve the operations and processes by collaborating with the various stakeholders within the organisation. Business Analysts are in high demand in over 45 domains such as Banking, Information Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing etc. Business Analysis is a global profession across 150 countries and enjoys high mobility. Within India, with over 45 lakh companies the future demand for business analysts is very high. One of the best thing in choosing business analysis as a career is that it never saturates and one can make the business analysis as a life-long career.

Benefits to College & Students

Business Analysis is one of the emerging area. Imparting the business analysis skill set to your students will be a competitive advantage and a differentiating factor for your college. Through our academic collaboration program, we help the college in the following areas:
Fhyzics Institute of Business Analysis and Research,
    Provides know-how to establish Business Analysis Club in your college
    Conducts Faculty Development Program [webinar series]
    Issues a hard copy of the reference book titled “Fresher’s Handbook to Business Analysis”
    Supply Faculty Presentation Kit for classroom teaching
    Supports in establishing Industry-Academic Collaboration
    Arranges Distinguished Speakers in business analysis

A thorough understanding of business analysis not only helps the students in the business analysis profession but also helps them to excel in any profession or industry they choose to pursue. In other words, this program will greatly enhance the employment opportunities of your students.

How it Works?

Step-1: Expression of Interest
Interested academic institutions and colleges can collaborate with FIBAAR to educate their students in business analysis. If you are interested, please reach out to FIBAAR,
By completing the below Contact Us form or
By sending us an email to or
By calling us at +91-900-305-9000


Step-2: Orientation Program
FIBAAR will conduct a one-hour orientation program in business analysis for the benefit of the faculty and students on a mutually workable time either online or in-person.


Step-3: Signing Memorandum of Understanding [MoU]
Subsequently, your institution and FIBAAR shall sign a one-year MoU to collaborate in the area of business analysis.

Click here to download Draft MOU.


Step-4: Program is Launched
On signing up of the MoU, FIBAAR will provide the assistance on the lines indicated above in the Benefits Section.



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