Companies That Employ Business Analysts in Basra

About Basra City
Basra is the petrochemical capital of Iraq. Basra is gifted with oil resource, and it positions fourth in the production of oil. The city acts as the hometown for many reputed Industries like The State Company of Petrochemical Industries, etc. Basra offer’s semiarid climate, which enhances the agricultural activities. The city is one among the leading export of barley, pearl millet, wheat, dates, and livestock. Basra is accompanied with one of the leading and busiest harbors in the country. The city provides best in class tourist experience in the country, there are many attractions to invest time some of them are Basrah Museum, Cost City Games, etc.


1. Norwegian Refugee Council
2. SOS International
3. Careem
4. NES Global Talent
5. Cristal Hospitality Group

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